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Invito chair
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Invito chair

A powerful wood and leather combination is highlighted by simple composition. A robust wooden frame provides the basis for the structure, visually exposed and accentuated in the lower part: the solid legs provide a steady foundation for the upper part, fully upholstered in leather. The leather cloak is an integral compact surface fully covering the backrest, the seat and the wooden structure, without visible edges and seams, underlining the beauty and quality of the material. Covering the wooden structure in leather results in comfort and a clear visual dichotomy between the full and the empty, between the textures of the two essential materials. Carefully paced complementary structures create a visually impressive unit, undoubtedly steady and solid, both unassuming and impressive in space. The Invito chair inspires safety. The powerful volume evokes durability and longevity, ideal for creating a space with a distinct character, however with a dose of visual refinement and attractive comfort.

по запитване
масивна дървесина, тапицерия - текстил или кожа

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