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    SKLADA – impressive selection, professional approach, correctness.


    With care and skill, the WAREHOUSE team selects the best from the world of furniture design to deliver it to its customers, with ease and all guarantees. With our professional support, you can build the perfect home, as a unique space made especially for you.


    * we are inspired by design, we love this colorful and multifaceted world, saturated with love for life and man.

    * we have been in this business for three decades now.

    * we are dedicated to searching and finding the most interesting products created in all corners of the world.

    * we value and respect your dreams and understand your needs.


Urban vitality

With attention to scale and carefully selected product design, Rumen Evstatiev and SKLADA infuse urban vitality into the interior.


Project: Rumen Evstatiev and SKLADA


Text: Elena Sergova

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    Perfect Balance

    Balance, tranquillity, harmony. The modern interior embraces aesthetic balance to achieve the perfect equilibrium between yin and yang. Each object testifies to the comfort and emotional connection with the home, the only refuge from permanent change in the outside world. 

    Evolution in the design process from the 1950s to the present comes to life in the Cassina collection – exclusive furniture that can be interpreted differently depending on context. Authentic and surprisingly innovative, it is an expression of the complex balance between tradition and modernity. Created by the best designers and architects, the pieces are the new icons of modern life.

March 27 2023

Collectable design - what's happening on the art-design scene after Covid.


As we know, collecting is sensitive to objects that are not available to a wide range of people. A collector is something like a specialist in discovering rare specimens that have or had some special value and bear the marks of a certain culture or author.